They’ll just leave. What if they stay?

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They’ll just leave. What if they stay?

People are the most powerful element in any business. They’re also the most unpredictable and disruptive and of course have their own ideas. I’m inspired by Richard Branson on any day but this post from his blog is particularly timely for the work we’re currently doing. Human relations management when done well can be the most rewarding and dynamic contribution to your success. Invest in and support your people in realizing their full potential.

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Lucy Colangelo is a communications specialist focused on clarity and taking action in your business. For over 18 years Lucy has supported large corporates as well as emerging entrepreneurs with improving their leadership and business development strategies. The ShineOn Method emerged in her work out of necessity for her clients to have a better way to achieve ultimate fulfillment and success. Lucy always knew she wanted to dedicate her career to helping leaders in business thrive. Now with developing these unique tools and teaching she is thrilled to be living this vision into reality.

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