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Here’s a fun little treat…

Parent Guide – Conversations in Greatness and Potential 

I designed it to support you in generating powerful conversations with your kids, students, teens and young adults. So often life and career planning conversations lose their creativity and wonder and are distilled down to tactics and reviews of potential incomes and job descriptions. We definitely need to start younger and have more fun!

We forget that the most powerful element our kids need in achieving success is knowing themselves. In other words, cultivating clarity on who they are becoming.

Parents overwhelmingly agree and inevitably I get asked, “How?”… hence the guide. They want to know how do this? How to set them on the right path towards that discovery? As parents we want to guide our kids towards what’s best. The faster we empower them to take the lead the more natural the process will feel and more likely they land on something that aligns and is right for them. 

You’ll find these 8 points aim to shift your perspective towards nurturing their powerful mindset. With each one, you can properly position yourself into a lifelong conversation, one where your child leads. Discovering their greatness and potential is their journey and your job is to support and create the conditions where they can take responsibility and make it happen. 

I hope this guide serves you well. I can’t wait to hear your thoughts.

Here’s to their greatness and potential. May this journey of discovery start young and be a fun and exciting one!

Love who they’re becoming, Lucy

Enjoy a run-through of the 8 Tips

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