“I’m not going to hope I feel good.” -Tony Robbins

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“I’m not going to hope I feel good.” -Tony Robbins

Review Notes …Tony Robbins on priming your day…

The first step on the action side of your ShineOnClarity Map we ask, “How to be my best?” and while developing the tool for how to discover those answers we came across this video and it complimented perfectly. The first step in establishing peak performance habits is Designing Your Ideal Day and as you can imagine we were excited to learn Tony does it too and calls it priming!

Here are the notes from the video as well as the link…


Tony Robbins Tips On Changing The Way You Feel


  • We all want to be able to change the way we feel
  • Emotion is created by motion. The way you move determines the way you feel
  • Priming process
  • Every day you have to have 10 minutes for yourself. If you don’t have 10 minutes for yourself you don’t have a life.
  • I’m not going to hope I feel good. 
  • Put some music on, do this massive change in my breathing, so it radically changes the way I feel, and then I do this 3 step process:

1-3 minutes of gratitude-think of 3 things I’m really grateful for and I ….feel it

-when you’re grateful you can’t be worried… fearful… angry (these things screw people up the most in relationships, life and in business). I wire myself. Most people want to be happy but their habit is to be worried, be pissed off or frustrated or stressed.  They’ve got a highway to stress and a dirt road to happiness. I wire myself with a highway to gratitude which changes all your emotions. 

2-3 minute process of praying for my family and friends

3-3 minutes process of the top 3 things I want to accomplish. I see it as done and I feel it.

  • I’m done in 10 minutes.
  • Sometimes I go 20 but my deal is 10 so there’s no excuse not to do it.
  • Set the tone for the day. Set your self up to be in the best state. We can be primed by our environment. We think we’re just feeling what we’re feeling. When really, if we don’t take control of our environment it takes control of us. 
  • It’s real simple, if you don’t work out, you don’t get a muscle. This is a daily practice. If you don’t do that. If you get up and have no discipline whatsoever. You have no value of anything. Diets don’t work when you don’t do them. Exercises don’t work if you don’t do them. 
  • Most people have experiences that they want to shift and when you shift those things your whole life changes. 
  • Life is constant growth. 
  • My life isn’t here because I went to one seminar one time and now my life is fit for life. I work out. I train my mind. I train my body. It becomes a lifestyle. It’s not like you’re depending on somebody else. I’m not here to become somebody’s guru. I’m not here to give them a gift. I’m here to open up their own gifts and that’s really what my work has been. 
  • I still get frustrated, I get angry, I just don’t stay there. I mean I used to be there for a month or two. I used to live in depression. I was 38 pounds heavier than I am now. I lost everything. I moved into a tiny bachelor apartment in California. I felt sorry for myself but I got so near the end where life has no meaning. It scared the hell out of me and I developed tools and I’ve never gone back there. I still get pissed or angry. No I’m not happy all the time but I’m happy the vast majority of the time because I’m doing what I love, with who I love, and there’s a meaning to what I do. When you have those three things life is pretty magnificent.


Incredible! We’re inspired, thank you Tony!

We hope you got a lot out of this review and if you’re curious about how you can design your ideal day ShineOn™ Peak Performance style. Check out the shop for this great tool help get you started!

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