Dear, ShineOn Circle

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Dear, ShineOn Circle

It’s been 2 months of offline living and I’ve missed our connection.

What started as just a short hiatus while I dove deep into some personal development work then spilled into a month long battle with flu, bronchitis and fatigue. As I got better life came at me hard and fast. I questioned my willingness and my voice in the matter and really wondered if anyone was going to care.

Being struck by a vision and working to bring it to life paralyzed me.

I learned I need to ask for help, I learned the power of your trust, support and belief and I learned that I am just the conduit.

What a blessing.

If you are reading this you must know how much you being a part of this community I’m building has meant to me.

As I work to bring words to the ShineOn vision and lead to live it into reality I will remember today as the day I stopped trying so hard to make it great! Some of that’s totally out of my hands and possibly up to you! So, let’s agree this is going to be awesome, this is going to be fun and hey, what’s the worst that can happen?

THANK YOU for being here, I invite you to stay tuned and ShineOn (let the red lipstick serve as the exclamation point)

Nurture your greatness & potential