Lucy Colangelo is an author, speaker, clarity expert and creator of ShineOn™.

With decades of experience as a communications specialist, predictable and inescapable patterns and challenges emerged in her work. Clarity became the defining factor that created strong communications and leveled – up execution. Getting there was the struggle. There had to be a better way to put what matters most at the forefront of building confidence and resilience to ultimately impact leadership, creativity and innovation.

In setting out to create a better way the ShineOn™ Method emerged in her work out of necessity for her clients to gain clarity and take action in their lives and businesses. The results are this ultimate fulfillment and success method.

This is about getting clear and taking action. Every success sprouts from the power of bringing clarity to your vision.

ShineOn™ For Life is for anyone looking for clarity and to build confidence and resilience to take action. Programs are offered for the 9-12 age, teens and adults.

ShineOn™ in Business is for those individuals in leadership roles, business owners (including franchisees and network marketers) and entrepreneurs.

ShineOn™ delivers a personalized ultimate success formula that has a lasting impact to make you unstoppable!