How I went from insecure to all out owning the impact I’m here to make.

Before there was the ShineOn™ Method. Before the workshops, resources and online courses. Before the leap into the entrepreneurship arena… there was a lost woman on the sidelines.

Eager for more.

Searching for answers.

Grasping at everything and anything to help her keep believing.

Entrepreneurship, belonging and a thousand little pivots…

Facing entrepreneurship has been an emotional battle royal.

While I tried all kinds of businesses as side-hustles, over the years (as far back as my teens), eventually that familiar feeling of, “this isn’t me”, would wash over me like hot lava. No matter how much I tried to ignore it, I have learned, it is a feeling you don’t ignore. I’ve experienced actually, physically, breaking-out in hives like a real allergic reaction when I was doing things that were misaligned. When I was trying to do the ‘right’ things, the things you’re supposed to do. The things everyone says to do. Then in 2012, when I was faced with unemployment, yet again, after another particularly hurtful disappointment I decided I’d had enough.

That feeling nagged at me for a while. I had a passion for working with people, in teams towards a common goal. I was a company woman. I truly believed that even though all the evidence pointed to something else. Was I really meant to go at it alone? Was that how my story was meant to go? The only thing I knew for sure was that I hated the feeling that my livilihood, my ability to earn a living, was in the hands of someone else and not being measured by my actual abilities and efforts. That’s what I believe entrepreneurship is. It’s a big word that signifies you are betting on yourself.

When I finally went for it, I was lost in the tech learning-curve, people not really connecting with what I had to offer and a deep feeling of reluctance, doubt and insecurity. Not to mention two little ones that I wanted to give the world to. Mix in the pressure to contribute to our household income so the burden didn’t rest solely on my husband. Yes, quite the stress cocktail! Each time I started to find my way I would wake in the night in this wash of hot lava asking myself, “Is this really who you are? and “Why aren’t you going for it?”

Why aren’t you going for it?

It became so familiar… that hot lava kept washing over me

    • it came when I took another employment position
    • it came when I started freelancing
    • it came when I started doing marketing and communications consulting
    • it came when I went back to the employment world and worked briefly in retail and in advertising sales
    • it even came when I created ShineOn™ to support my clients in their business development

Finally one day in late 2018 I broke. I remember it so clearly. It was shortly after my 1 year anniversary of being diagnosed with MS. I was reeling from all kinds of emotions from that, particularly my physical health, mixed in with everything else career related. So when I was out on a walk, I just broke down. I cried. So much. All I could think was to ask, “who am I?” and “what IS going for it?” What? What? What? What is it? What am I supposed to be doing?

Then it truly felt like a God-moment because the answer came so quick and clear.

First, you’re not supposed to be afraid, you’re not meant to suffer, you’re meant to live free.

What would it mean to live on your own terms, whole and complete just being you, helping others by sharing your story and putting your unique gifts out in the world?

In this moment of absolute surrender I had a realization that I had a lot I could be doing to serve and help others. I am a woman of deep gratitude and faith who has been gived many, many blessings.

I realized I had a dream and a vision for my life that was bigger than myself. I believed that I came to do a very specific thing that was my mission in life. I knew that if I focused on those things when I got to the end of my life I would die with no regrets having truly lived.

So it was clear, I was having my own, “Eat, pray, love moment” and setting out on a truth seeking journey to surrender and keep discovering  and keep becoming myself.

There is no other way, there’s just being me and going for it.

(You should know writing this About Lucy page was only first drafted in the spring of 2020 during the outbreak of Covid-19. So going for it doesn’t mean all the doubts and insecurities just dissappear. It just means you’ve found your courage to keep figuring it out and keep going.)

The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away. 

-Pablo Picasso

Hi, I’m Lucy and I’m committed to your child’s future.

More specifically supporting them as they discover their greatness and work to realize their full potential.

I understand what it’s like for parents to try to empower and guide their children, especially through those formative teen years. I’m there myself right now. Often times it takes hearing these things from someone else in order for the message to feel real. We hear that all the time.

That is why I created the ShineOn™ Method. It is here to support this important work. All our resources, including the ShineOn™ Playbook, Digital Courses/Kits and Private Sessions, facilitate this practice of designing your best life. We focus on three zones:

  1. Generating a powerful mindset.
  2. Cultivating personal clarity.
  3. Getting into massive aligned action.

These three zones, when nurtured and supported, create the conditions to be in the ShineOn™ zone where anything is possible. It’s exhilarating to watch young people grow in this work and start to operate from a place where they are unstoppable. They have their whole lives ahead of them and you want to tool them up and send them on their way as empowered as possible.

Check out the next section to get our FREE Parent Guide that’s all about how to get started. It’s called Conversations in Greatness and Potential and it’s our gift to you. It takes commitment, energy and passion to create these kind of breakthroughs and it all starts with a new kind of conversation.

Our commitment is to be here to support their journey. When you join us and share ShineOn™ with your child you have the peace of mind of knowing that we are your partners in this work. We are honoured by your trust. We understand your world and what you’re going through. We thrive on the feeling that can be best summed up by one of our moms, “You changed the trajectory of her life and now anything is possible.” Mmmm, so good, we totally live for and love that feeling and we want you and your child to experience it too! That is why we always sign off by saying…

Love becoming,
Lucy & Team ShineOn™

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