Since I can remember I have been a teacher. My passion has always been to help people. These days that involves creating tools and experiences that help you get clear so you can take action to create breakthroughs for success. ShineOn has served as my winning formula that I have now developed into a methodology and offer to share with you. I know the right questions to ask to make you unstoppable in business and in life.

This cutting edge method is for anyone in a leadership role. In it I ask strategic que stions to help you connect with a mindset that’s laser focused on outcomes that create deep and lasting impact.

This is about getting clear and taking action. Every success sprouts from the power of bringing clarity to your vision. My passion is to simplify the process to help you crush your goals!

I work with people in leadership roles, business owners (including franchisees and network marketers) and entrepreneurs. ShineOn delivers a personalized ultimate success formula that makes a lasting impact to make you unstoppable!

Core Values:

1. It doesn’t exist if you didn’t write it down.

2. Getting clear requires bringing definition to things which means you must write it down.

3. Taking action requires clarity so write it down!


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